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Posted by Emily Varga at 11:27PM

This year’s Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival theme is Landscapes.  FLEFF defines Landscapes as “Open and closed spaces. Natural and artificial.  Reverence and nostalgia.  Geographies and extractions. Material and immaterial.  Built and imagined.” 

Landscapes can encapsulate almost anything as it allows for creative thinking.  I believe this to be an extremely creative theme for this year’s festival. 

Merriam-Webster defines “landscapes” as “ an area of land that has a particular quality or appearance” although this is true, I hope that FLEFF takes this genre and theme to a new intuitive level.

At first thought, a landscape is a place.  A landscape is a geographical area of land or a location on a map.  It is a place to describe where someone is from, or the characteristics of a certain area.  This is the way in which many people envision landscapes. A place. Although this is one way landscapes are described, there is room to push the envelope. 

A landscape can have many other defining factors.  Landscapes have cultural value.   Landscapes can cover a vast majority or a small minority, and can be a home and sanctuary to many.  FLEFF choosing to focus on landscapes allows for broad characteristics to encompass each film, event, or speaker at the festival.

For example, I find it interesting that the term landscapes can also be used to represent an area of action.  This allows the term to stretch out into fields like politics - encompassing worldly issues.  The “Political Landscape” is a common term often heard in newspapers, on television networks and in the world in general.

This is one instance where the theme of landscapes can take a turn down a completely different avenue. Personally, I look forward to seeing how FLEFF incorporates politics into the films, events and speakers this year – especially since this is an election year. 

Although this is one of many ways the term landscapes can be transformed, it is necessary to understand that this theme has the potential to spark creativity, and bring innovative people and works of art to the festival.


Some questions I have this year:

How will the films be categorized – if they will be categorized at all?

Do films have to meet a certain requirement to fall under the category of landscapes?

Will speakers be required to have their stories/readings screened to see if it fits in the criteria?


FLEFF: Landscapes will be a hub for creativity and intellectual discussions. A theme may seem limiting, but this has the potential to spark conversation in ways like never before.  

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