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Posted by Amber Thibault at 2:41PM
From left to right: Mansoor Behnam, Amber Thibault, Lisa Elin Figge

Blog post written by Amber Thibault, Cinema and Photography ’15, FLEFF Intern, Lewiston, Maine.

14:40: Introduction of both films, History of Flaneur

14:41: Organon inspiration from French New Wave

14:41: "Tango Flaneur" Film screens

14:54: "Tango Flaneur" Film ends

14:55: Student comment on the static shots Mansoor Behnam "I felt that we should just put the camera there...nobody moves on the just happened that we talked about all this...we are engaging in is some part the way that we think...whatever happens in front of the camera as a pretext of what is being discussed behind the camera"

14:57: Lisa Elin Figge "At first, you don't know how to engage with just have to be you think that?"

14:58: Audience comment on digging billboard to digging for understanding and the search of understanding.

15:00: When you hear yourself talking, do other ideas come to mind?" Almost a 40 minute talk, we thought it might be boring to people, talk about flaneur from different aspects...decide to make it short to make it more interesting...personally other ideas come whenever I watch"

15:02: Figge talks about how she would further explore the clouds

15:03: explain concept of flaneur - 19th century flaneur idea in upper middle class, Behnam "subversive gesture against whatever reality"

15:04: Figge explains flaneur further "resistance, would be exploring the french malls without buying anything."

15:06: "flaneur is a male positionality and when I'm situating myself in mobility is changed...when I can't walk anymore my reality is changed"

15:07: Poetic reviere, spiritual aspect of beautiful experience of flaneur. 

15:08: Behnam: "Traces of nomadism in flaneur... then set up can't and make a community"

15:10: Intro to Organon: Behnam "nostalgia and memory of Iran...couldn't find myself in mind is westernize...reality different...disappointing...only thing help me get over that, taking long walks to help me figure out my life...showing feet and walking is very French New Wave...I used the visual as background of text...implication of organon is the instrument of thinking...

15:11: "Organon" Film screens

15:19: Intonation of voice is desperate Behnam "experimental cinema is powerful and gives me a voice in the figurative and the literal"

15:20: Discussion of an unexplainable cinema "experiemental cinema is a place of indirect expression, my place is to mediate the feeling and expression of these ideas...I really love thoughts...'only thoughts are true that can't be understood by themselves' "

15:23:Ten years old during the time of revolution in Iran. 

15:24: Discussion of how engaging with surroundings and making films is helping with Behnam's acclimation to western life 

15:27: Audience comment - idea of displacement more and more relevant, ie:climate change and movement because of it. Behnam "In Iran, I felt displaced in another way...we all our humans and we have basic"

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