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Posted by Shawn Steiner at 7:35PM
From right, Elizabeth Miller alongside Evan Meaney. Photo by Shawn Steiner

Blog post written by Shawn Steiner, Film, Photography, and Visual Arts '13, FLEFF Intern, Elkridge, MD

Elizabeth Miller has begun her presentation so there is still time to get here if you can! We are in The Park Center for Business room 111.



"The beauty of transmedia is that both of us can present at the same workshop and show drastically different things."


"Stories are at the core of understanding people."

SCREENING: Mapping Memories

This is a participatory transmedia project Miller worked on in which youths of Montreal were able to tell their stories on their terms. It is important to understand that transmedia is more than a digital environment.

Miller does a lot of her work in a documentary setting, but that hasn't stopped these projects from evolving into multiple forms across mediums. And, after watching a couple clips from some projects I am getting more excited for On the Waterfront screening at Cinemapolis tomorrow night.


"People protect people from violence."

Transmedia projects and the idea of using media to bring information to the public is necessary to helping society. Educating the public is a way to change the world.

And, as a plus, this movement between and through medias is a "mobility."


Issues of Privacy and Protection

The key is working in a group with people with similar stories. A safe environment is where it starts. But, the purpose of these stories is to create a shift in thought.

Evan: You can't outrun it. Instead of fighting it you have to get right in front of it. Accept you don't have privacy and work in that realm.

Miller: The huge thing in transmedia is public vs. private.

Evan: "Facebook me is better than me." Facebook opens you up to the public sphere in a way in which you cannot recover from.


Elizabeth Miller is a huge supporter of web documentaries. It allows people to access the databases of information available and travel through it in their own way. And while it is still evolving we don't know what will happen next.

"We are still seeing such a large range. It is a question that is up to you to answer."

QUESTION: Where do you see transmedia evolving?

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