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Posted by Shawn Steiner at 7:03PM
From left, junior Gautam Singhani assists Elizabeth Miller and Evan Meaney prepare for the Transmedia Workshop. Photo by Shawn Steiner

Blog post written by Shawn Steiner, Film, Photography, and Visual Arts '13, FLEFF Intern, Elkridge, MD

FLEFF is in full swing! And right now Evan Meaney, assistant professor of transmedia design at the University of Tenessee, and Elizabeth Miller, are setting up in Park Center Business School room 111 for their Transmedia Workshop.

Everyone is looking good and just this second something has poppe up on the projector. Stay tuned for updates!



"If you are a hammer than every problem starts looking like a nail."

What happened was people started dabbling "beyond and through" different medias in order to solve different problems in different ways.

Mainly, the key is that if you are one person, but secretly another person, you can be both!

And after "the brief history of Evan Meaney" we are delving into the meat of the workshop.

QUESTION: What is your definition of transmedia?


"In the pursuit of being pure, I think about voids."

Pure is not in the ordinary sense, but in being clear. A void.

What are voids? They are null_sets.

Which leads into his project "Null_Sets" where he and a partner worked to produce software that converts data into jpeg images. Converting this data into an image removes the context from the information.

It is basically like making anything a "jpeg sandwich." Anything from Moby Dick to tweets to the entire human genome.

"It is really ordered chaos."


Data vs. Information

Data is made up of all the core items that make up something. What that something is displayed as is an interpretation of data as information.

For example, if you buy groceries, turnips, onions, etc... That is the data. When you make the soup later on, the soup is the interpretation of the data as information. But, what kind of soup you make from those ingredient can change drastically depending on how you desire your food. The data can be interpreted in many ways to create innumerable interpretations.


"I'm a terrible artist. Science is where it is at."

Think about it, scientists came up with a way to display images from nothing. Meaney says that this is incredible. They are the "Olympic-level geniuses."

And right now, Null_Sets source code and tool kit has been posted to the website and is available to all because "[t]hings are better when they are free."

This is a project that includes high-level coding, gallery presentations, and a participatory website. It requires you to learn a plethora of disciplines in order to ask questions that are revolutionary.

QUESTION: What are you studying? And what else are you interested in? Show your many disciplines.


"Never turn down learning stuff."

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