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Posted by Kaley Belval at 9:09PM   |  4 comments
Kaley Belval

 Blog posting written by Kaley Belval, Documentary Studies and Production '15, FLEFF Intern, Woodbury, CT

 On Wednesday, February 22nd, Music Professors Deborah Martin and Brad Hougham presented their plans for The Concert For Microtopias, a FLEFF event which will be held on Tuesday, March 27th in Ithaca College's Hockett Hall. 

More interesting were the things that the professors said about their ideology. They talked a lot about things that are fragmented, such as differing styles of music. But somehow, as in the upcoming concert, they are bringing these things together. 

In the concert, they are bringing music from Bach together with soul music, for example, in a way that creates a new meaning. 

This, I think, hits on a large purpose of FLEFF. Professor Martin talked about how she can never go through a day without relating objects and experiences to music, no matter what they are. Professor Hougham discussed how FLEFF has opened his creative ability. 

FLEFF is all about making connections to different issues which may not have otherwise seemed related. It's about finding things that expand your ideas and coming up with new ideas based on those. How have you brought fragmented ideas, music, or images together? Let's see it. 


What a wonderful insight: "FLEFF is all about making connections to different issues which may not have otherwise seem related." For me, it is the heterogeneity of FLEFF, all the collisions, juxtapositions, resonances, that push me to think differently...and have conversations and ideas I never considered. Thanks for this wonderful blog, Kaley

Kaley! Microtopias is such a wonderful and limitless theme for this year's Festival. I think it is stretching all of the people involved beyond our comfort zones, artistically, musically, dramatically, emotionally, intellectually... The challenges that lie ahead are going to be fun to meet. All the best for your preparations for the Festival. Thanks for your tremendous work in promoting this Festival.

I love how all parties involved are really going beyond their "comfort zones" like Dr. Hougham just pointed out. For some reason, I do my best work when I'm uncomfortable. Anyone else?

Thank you! Dr. Zimmermann, I definitely believe that that is true, and that is what I love about FLEFF. Professor Hougham, good luck with the concert! And Ms. Barish, I definitely agree!

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