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Posted by Chloe Wilson at 7:29PM   |  Add a comment

Blog posting written by Chloe Wilson, Television-Radio ’14, FLEFF Intern, Ashland, Massachusetts.

Isn't FLEFF awesome? I don't know about you FLEFFers, but I have had an absolute blast at FLEFF 2012.  From The Concert for Microtopias to the outdoor installation to the tons and tons of films I've seen already, this year's FLEFF can't be beat.

As a FLEFF intern, I partook in a private session with filmmakers Matt Poldolsky and Eddie Chung, who discussed their film Scavenger Hunt: An Unlikely Union.  The film's world premiere is tomorrow, Thursday, March 29 at 7 PM in Cinemapolis.

I definitely recommend that you check out the film, but for now, here are some choice quotes from the filmmakers about the film and how it affects nearly everyone. 

Eddie Chung on meeting Matt Poldolsky: I became interested because Matt presented this to me.  He worked in the recovery program and last year, I met Matt through a mutual friend of ours.

Poldolsky on his unique perspective: I came into this from the perspective of a biologist and I realized that the aspect of my day-to-day life as a biologist, every single component of our job could be tracked down to this one problem: lead poisioning.  If this issue was to be eliminated, this species would be self-sustainable.

Chung on the California Condor and lead poisoning: Condors are scavengers and are affected but it's also about other animals.  Coyotes, bears, all scavengers will be affected by lead poisoning by consuming these animals... Most everybody knows a hunter, and game meat is popular and is really good for you. The likelihood of [eating poisoned meat] is actually really high.

Matt Poldolsky on the film: It's an issue film, it deals with the issue of lead poisoning.   Our film focuses on what's unique about a recovery program for California Condors in Arizona, and how this reintroduced population allowed by wild biologists is in trouble and it's also about the implications that this research has.

Chung on the story: It's good to tell this sort of story and there's so many mediums, YouTube, there's TV, there's theaters... The audience becomes much much larger as a result of this becoming a film story.

Poldolsky on the goals for the film: Our ultimate goal with the project is to affect policy and to convince people to switch their current ways.  99% of all bullets manufactured are lead based; there's this one issue and the alternative is seemingly simple: use a different type of bullet.  It's seemingly simple but it's a question of outreach.

Hopefully you're now just as excited as I am to see Scavenger Hunt, FLEFFers! What are some of your favorite films you've seen this week?


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