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Posted by Gena Mangiaratti at 11:55AM   |  Add a comment

Blog post by Gena Mangiaratti, Journalism '13, FLEFF Intern, Feeding Hills, MA

This is my first attempt at live blogging, so I apologize in advance for any spelling/grammar/coherency mistakes. Feel free to let me know in the comments. :)

Helen's comment to me about the difference between covering a story in journalism and exploring a story in a documentary has stuck with me, and in a way inspired me, because I realized that, though I myself am a journalist,  I find her approach more appealing. This is one of the reasons why, even though we are of different concentrations, I find myself able to relate when she talks about her work.

She opens by telling us how even though it seems that dynamic chef Alice Waters seemed to be dominantly responsible for the school lunch reform in Berkeley, when the story is explored, it reveals to be a community effort.

Helen talks about the goal of, when making a film, being clear that she is not making an "advocacy film," but looking to capture a series of stories that show multiple points of view. She said there can be a "fine line" between adhering to community people who want you to advocate their work, and your goal as an artist to show story as it really is.

"When I go to a film I don't want to have to decide [if] I'm on your side or not on your side," she said.

I'm finding this discussion to be very relevant to not only film but all forms of media. In journalism, I too have felt this similar conflict she is describing, and something I'm taken away from this discussion is that a certain degree of objectivity might be a sort of universal value to keep in mind when producing media, because I think it can be hard to to affect people's perspective at all if they do not have a view of the whole picture.



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