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Posted by Meagan McGinnes at 9:01PM   |  2 comments
kevin lee

 Kevin Lee is the vice president of programming and education at dGenerate Films. The film Beijing Besieged by Waste follows photographer Wang Jiu-liang as he travels to more than 500 landfills, fearlessly documenting Beijing’s unholy cycle of consumption and waste. This session with Lee was facilitated by FLEFF codirector, Tom Shevory.

8:32 "This was pretty much an illegal process."

8:33 "He actually lived with a few of them at the garbage site for a couple of months so he really was devoted to this project."

8:34 "They presented this as a photographic exhibition, which was a very shrewd move."

8:34 "It was the news agencies that realized, woah, this is an environmental crisis that is threatening to destroy the citizens of Beijing."

8:35 "They didnt want to catch the government off guard, because then the government gets upset and comes after you." 

8:35 "This is a really great example of an independant film in China leading to governmental reform."

8:36 Because of the censorship bureau, many of these types of films are never seen or shown in China. 

8:38 "Primarily we try to create a channel that can make their (filmmakers) films seen and distributed in the United many ways this is their only way of making money off of these films." 

8:40 "Degenerate generally means unwanted" -- which ties into how unwanted these films are in China by their government. "But also the 'd' stands for digital." 

8:43 "As far as our standing with the government (China), I really have no idea" 

8:44 "The majority of chinese do not have any idea of where their garbage goes. And if they did, they would just be horrified." 

8:45 "And lets not just think about Beijing. Think about where our waste goes here in this country." 

8:50 "At first you think its morning fog-- morning fog over the Beijing waste dump, how romantic!-- but it could be fumes, it could be smoke."

8:51 "The American lifestyle is really unsustainable. And when you have 1.3 billion people trying to live like Americans...its a nightmare" 

8:57 "I would be happy to organize events or make the film available for educational purposes and environmental discussions." 



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