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Posted by Meagan McGinnes at 1:35PM   |  2 comments
Meagan McGinnes

 Top 5 Movies to see at Cinemapolis

1.     Cotton Road- Systems thinking fascinates me. The idea of globalization and the connectedness of everything together is something I cannot wait to learn more about- especially when I am learning from Ithaca College alum Laura Kissel!

2.     Arlit: Deuxieme Paris- This film about uranium mining and environmental racism in Niger completely embodies the beat I hope to cover in my future of journalism: social justice and environmental issues.  I am specifically interested in how these issues apply to Africa so this documentary will be super interesting for me! I am also thrilled to introduce myself to filmmaker Idrissou Mora-Kpaï. I want to learn what inspired him to investigate into this topic and her experiences while filming.

3.     Veins of the Gulf- I believe we need to acknowledge social justice and environmental justice issues domestically. I think many try to pretend it is not happening in our own backyard, but we need a more local mindset. I am interested to see how this film portrays Hurricane Katrina, an event I have seen covered extensively in media but not through an environmental lens.

4.     Bejing Besieged by Waste- Currently, there has been such a focus on China as a growing global economical power. Yet, we don’t think of the impacts this has on the impoverished Chinese people every time we look at a “made in china” sticker. I am excited to see the questions and discussion this unknown narrative provokes at the after parties at the Wine Center.

5.     Nanook of the North- Robby Aceto. Live improvisational music to the silent film on its 90th anniversary? Enough said.

What movie are you most excited for and why? 


Wonderful post with a wide range of films to see at Cinemapolis--I note all are with filmmakers or music--a great strategy. Just a small point of clarification: Idrissou is a male filmmaker from Benin....

fixed! And yes, I figured that if I want to join the conversation that FLEFF is sparking, the best way to jump right in is to speak with the artists that are bringing their passion to the festival.

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