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Posted by Kacey Deamer at 3:38PM
Kacey and Dad

Blog posting written by Kacey Deamer, Journalism and Environmental Studies '13, FELFF Intern, Binghamton, NY

My family isn't real, it can't be. Parents happily married living with their daughter, son and dog in a brick-faced suburban home with nice landscaping out front and a small pool in the back. Every Sunday there's dinner at the grandparents' house, only two minutes away. Holidays are a family affair; uncles and aunts, cousins and second-cousins, and the occasional family friend all around one excessively long table. 

This is my idea of a microtopia: a family as close to perfect as possible without going back into a black-and-white television screen. To me, this is a tiny piece of perfect harmony in the middle of a chaotic world. The image to the right is my dad and I at Yankee stadium, a trip we make as a family each summer. I'm smiling in that picture because I'm happy. It's not one of those fake smiles you force as you barely survive time with the parents. I am actually smiling. Because this is my microtopia.

To someone else, this is hell.

How do we define a word that is inherently a person's own construction rather than a socially accepted definition? We don't. We share our own ideas of microtopia and listen to other's. We start a conversation. That's what FLEFF is for, and that's what this blog is for. So I ask you: is my microtopia your perfection or your biggest fear? Why; what's your microtopia? 

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