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Posted by Dorothea Hinman at 3:58PM   |  17 comments
Paint is art

Blog posting written by Dorothea Hinman, Cinema and Photography, '15, FLEFF Intern, Rochester, New York. 

Art, in all its forms, is movement. I dare you to come up with one form of art that does not encompass movement.  

A hand needs to drag the paintbrush across the canvas. A singer needs her vocal cords to vibrate in order to create a melody. A movie needs a projector to crank the 35mm film fast enough to transform still images to a "moving" picture. A ballet dancer needs all his muscles to engage in tandem in order to soar gracefully through the air.  

Art is movement. 

It may never be clear what exactly I will do in my life. What I am moving toward. But one thing was always certain: art would be involved. Whether this be through FLEFF, which has given me a step forward in my professional path; whether it be the world wide influences such as the Fulbright scholars from Africa and Sarah Dupont with Amazon Gold that will be present at this year's festival, or whether it be the conversations I will hopefully be lucky enough to engage in with people like Kevin Lee from dGenerate films, movement will always continue be a part of my life. Just as art will always continue to be a part of my life.

What art form of movement do you engage in?


I have to admit that when I was reading this, there was a sudden twist to the imagery described here as I pictured a man wearing a tutu...But what a mobile ballerina dancer he is, nonetheless!

Art is of paramount importance, and I believe that you truly captured its power to mobilize a universal audience. Great post, Dorothea!

It's true, you have great perspective. Art is life, life is motion.

Thank you for the post. Art is always something we can't fully understand

Art have many forms but it all start with an idea, you have to not have an idea and a creative one as being an art person you need to be creative and passionate about something you do. I always had the passion for being a writer and I am working at so posting an idea about something that you love I know it sounds easy but to achieve what you really need to do is not an easy thing. You have to work hard for it.

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