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Posted by Shawn Steiner at 9:00AM   |  8 comments

Blog posting written by Shawn Steiner, Film, Photography, and Visual Arts ’13, FLEFF Intern, Elkridge, Maryland

Have you ever geotagged a photograph?

I do it all the time

Some artists even do the opposite. Nate Larson and Marin Shindelman took photos to go with the location of the tweets that caption the photographs. Geolocation is an incredible “tribute to the data stream,” as they call it.

It calls into question the idea of place and movement.

Movement today is different. Smoother. Less physical. In one second we can receive a message from the other side of the world. We can actually be in another place in real time.

But, what does all this mean?

It means that we can go wherever we want at any time. We can go to Flickr and travel to a beach in Costa Rica. All from the comfort of our bedrooms. And, if you close the curtains, you may be able to forget that it is snowing here in Ithaca, NY.

Mobilities explores this idea. FLEFF brings people and ideas from all around the world to transport the attendees to all around the world. The Distributed Microtopias Exhibition brings together work from India, Ethiopia, the United States, Iraq, and plenty others. And that’s just one thing.

I hope I can make it to Latin America with a little help from FLEFF.

Where do you want to travel? 


This was a great post, Shawn! I love the idea of being able to travel virtually anywhere you want to go without even leaving your bedroom!

Personally I would love to travel to Prague, and I hope somebody I get to do it.

A great take on Mobilities! Images of CR beaches are very needed this time of the year. I've traveled to Costa Rica before and I'd love to explore more Latin American countries such as Nicaragua and Guatemala in the near future!

I've never heard of "geotagging" until this post. Great work!

I've never heard of "geotagging" until this post. Great work!

I rarely do it, except sometime iPhone do it for me. Thank you for the article. I guess I will geotag my photos later

awesome man thanks for sharing

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