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The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Hannah Basciano at 5:47PM
Movie Theater at Cinemapolis

Blog Posting by Hannah Basciano, Documentary Film Studies '17, Lancaster, Pennsylvania


In most classes, the student takes notes while my professor lectures the curriculum.

In most classes, the students do not know the names of half their peers sitting with them in the same room.

In most classes, students do not get the opportunity to hear the opinions of first-hand experts or members of their community.

FLEFF is not a class. FLEFF is an engaging environment.

Film festivals create heterogeneous collections of individuals from different fields, different places in the world, and even different stages of life. They fill theaters, like Cinemapolis, with diverse communities to share in an experience—to share films.

FLEFF in particular forms a habitat where students are able to interact with professors, members of the community, those from the film industry, and more. It prompts active participation from all in attendance, instead of asking students to act simply as spectators.

As an Ithaca College student, I appreciate FLEFF for its open atmosphere. I am able to contribute my perceptions of the films and lectures, plays and book launches, without hesitation. Yet, not only am I able to share my experiences, I have the opportunity to hear those of my fellow students and the adult participants in a welcoming conversation.

FLEFF values all voices.

There is only so much you can learn sitting in a classroom. You can comprehend every topic listed on the syllabus, but you cannot discover that the man sitting three rows ahead of you in the theater showing Sunday Ball is actually a sports expert, or that the row of individuals at the back are all Puerto Rican residents that are deeply effected by the status issue questioned in The Last Colony.

I learned from the individuals I shared FLEFF with this year, and I offered my opinions to add to the discussion. FLEFF is far from a classroom setting because of this form of learning—learning through shared experiences and heterogeneous conversations.

What did you learn at FLEFF this year?

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