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Posted by Mira Moreau at 11:25PM
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Written by Mira Moreau, Cinema & Photography '21, Wayne, Maine 

Every morning, I roll out of bed and do twenty pushups.

Then I stare at myself in the mirror and say, "You are an excellent intern. You ask valuable questions. You never shy away from social interaction." 

We're three days away from FLEFF. This is the home stretch for Intern Training. 

Alright, I don't actually do all that. However, I have devised a set of goals to ensure I stay healthy, happy, and challenged during FLEFF week. 

1. Talk to new people every day. Last year I roamed the festival anonymously. This year I'll introduce myself to guests, express how their work affected me, and maybe even ask a question during Q&A. 

2. Challenge my tastes. If there was a festival devoted solely to feminist road movies, I'd be there in a heartbeat. Yet FLEFF presents such an array of genres and topics, from Donald Trump to lesbian werewolves, I'd miss out on learning something new if I only attended what I know I like. 

3. Observe everything. One of my favorite practices I've learned from journalistic writing is to observe everything. What's that person wearing? Who are they talking to? What toppings did they put on their popcorn? I'll always have a notepad on me to write these observations. That way, I'm always prepared with a conversation starter. 

4. No pods! At screenings and after parties, interns have a tendency to clump together in "pods" and only speak to each other. The power of FLEFF comes from mixing diverse age groups, religions, races, and cultures. Explode those pods to absorb the full festival potential! 

5. Don't burn out. I could participate in FLEFF events from eight in the morning to midnight if I wanted to. And I want to. It's not realistic, though, as FLEFF screenings, panels, and discussions are meant to inspire constant questions and connections. To remedy this emotional burnout, I'll take extra care to get a full night's sleep, eat well, and take breaks away from the festival. 

See you Monday, FLEFF. 

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