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Posted by Kelsey Greene at 11:01PM   |  3 comments

Blog was written by Kelsey Greene, Documentary Studies and Production, '13, FLEFF intern, Buffalo, New York

The opening concert held tonight in Hockett Hall was was amazing!  

The event lasted over an hour but time flew by as audience members were captivated by the extremely talented performers.  Pianists Jairo Geronymo and Deborah Martin electrified the keys while vocalist Brad Hougham eloquently sang  a German opera.  

The projections continuously playing behind the performers were also a spectacle!  

The perfect alignment of everything throughout the concert was astonishing!

The event was definitely a once in a lifetime experience!  I'm so glad I was able to attend!  



I'm embarrassed to say that this was the first concert I've seen in the music school since I've been at Ithaca the past two years. This was incredible!

The music was beautiful, almost like a duel between pianos, particularly in the aggressive sections. And then Brad would walk in completely enveloped in his character and in the emotion of the piece.

While I wish I could understand the German, I also found satisfaction in NOT understanding, because then I was ultimately affected by the sound of his voice, mixed with the sounds of the piano coming from Deb and Jairo. Just incredible. Bravo!

I hadn't gone to a concert at the music school either (and now am planning on doing so often). It was incredible when Debbie and Jairo would be going back and forth during the intense parts of the songs. There was just this energy between all of the performers that worked so well.

I agree Brian, it was almost more beautiful not to understand the language, because I wasn't focusing on understanding words, but was enveloped in the whole experience and the emotions all three performers were projecting. Unbelievable.

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