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Posted by Alexis Lanza at 10:19PM   |  3 comments
Tiffani- Amber Muller

Blogging post by Alexis Lanza, Film, Photography, and Visual Arts '15, FLEFF Blogger, Enfield, CT


Tiffani- Amber Muller, Assistant to the Co-Directors, shared a little bit about her FLEFF experience via e-mail.


Q: How did you first become involved with FLEEF?

A: As a graduate student, you can be assigned Assistantships. This just happens to be mine! Since I went to Ithaca College as an undergraduate, I have heard of FLEFF, but I was not involved. I am grateful for this amazing opportunity to be part of this organization and unique opportunity.

Q: For how long have you been involved?

A: I started talking to last year's graduate student, Jonathan, in the summer when I was assigned this position. So, that is when I technically started my training. I met with Dr. Zimmermann in August and it has been nonstop since.

Q: Can you elaborate on your role in FLEFF?

A: My official position title is "Assistant to the Co-Directors". This means I assist Dr. Zimmermann. The great thing about this position is that I was able to tailor it to my future career goals. Since I am interested in recruitment, my job was to recruit the interns. I also have a passion for leadership and teaching, making this position a perfect fit.

Q: What do you feel you offer as someone who holds a leadership position in FLEFF?

A: I feel I offer a new perspective to FLEFF. Coming from a communications background rather than a film background allows me to see situations in a different perspective. I was the captain of the cheerleading team last year, and I am coaching this year and this gives me the confidence to guide my interns.

Q: Can you share something(s) you've learned from FLEFF?

A: I have a new appreciation for film. In the past, I rarely would attend a film that didn't have my 100% interest. FLEFF has broadened my horizons. I have attended film screenings I assumed I wouldn't have interests in and ended up loving them. I am grateful for this new experience because I'm not only learning an extensive amount about the film industry, but I am learning about myself.

Q: In your opinion, what is the best experience a student can get out of FLEFF?

A: Students need to realize how many different types of opportunities FLEFF offers. It's not just about getting to meet these great filmmakers and seeing these unique films. It's about the conversation. Go out of your comfort zone, ask questions, maybe even challenge a question. The point is to learn and grow.



great awesome article

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