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Posted by Kristen Reid at 10:42PM
Kelly Gallagher, feminist filmmaker and professor.

A gossip used to be a best friend. It was someone who you could trust more than anyone, someone who knew you better than you knew yourself. Somewhere along the way, the word took on the negative connotation it has today.

In her latest short film, Kelly Gallagher attempts to reclaim that definition.

My Gossip is a love letter to Gallagher’s best friend, Brianna. Her signature glitter-filled animation style is combined with footage from a road trip the two took along the Pacific Coast Highway to craft a beautiful, moving photo album.

The soundscape is rooted in a conversation over the phone between the friends but adds extraneous layers to it, like Gallagher's singing, a way for her to mimic Brianna's vulnerability in their conversation.

The short film is a poignant and genuine snapshot of their friendship. The love the two feel for each other shines on screen, making it emotional viewing even for those of us completely disconnected from the relationship. 

Gallagher, a self-defined radical feminist, hones a unique filmmaking style. She alternates between personal films like My Gossip and Ceallaigh at Kilmainham, and political statement pieces "More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters" and Pearl Pistols, but each showcase her signature style -- combining skillful collage animation and found footage in all of her films.

A staunch anti-capitalist, Gallagher uploads all of her films online to Vimeo for free, in case you happened to miss her screening at FLEFF! 

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