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Posted by Kayla Reopelle at 10:51PM
FLEFF Bloggers and Interns

Dissonance has surrounded my relationship with FLEFF.


My freshman year, I wanted to be an intern, filled out the application, and struggled with the decision to submit it. Ultimately my fear got the best of me and I decided to attend the festival as a spectator. Dissonance held me back.


I watched. I chatted with friends and filmmakers. I left.


I enjoyed FLEFF from a distance, always wondering what would have happened if I sent in my application.


This year, dissonance pushed me into the festival. The theme was enough to persuade me to face my fear and jump in with both feet. To silence my internal naysayers and see what working for FLEFF was really like. I vowed to learn about festivals, blogging, and film in a whole new way. 


I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.


Festivals are so much more than the screenings and the parties. They are entrenched in politics, reliant on governments, universities and nonprofits, swarming with hot-button debates, and dependent on not films, but people.


Festivals are 50 percent events and 50 percent engagement.


I’m starting to understand what this means.


Working for festivals is not about moving equipment, it’s about talking to people, learning about things that make you feel uncomfortable, and experiencing life in the moment. 


From being open to the intervention of frozen equipment into a performance of Grass, to learning about the dangers of antibiotic resistance, to jumping head first into live-blogging the class's Skype with Laila Nadir, my blogging experience inspired me to take intellectual risks. I anticipate the festival will only create more opportunities to engage with guests and community members who I would not normally pursue.


To continue challenging the dissonance in my mind, my goal is to attend three events at this festival that I am not initially drawn to. 


Which event will you challenge yourself to attend?


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