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Posted by Amber Thibault at 2:15PM
First FLEFF Flashmob

Blog post written by Amber Thibault, Cinema and Photography ’15, FLEFF Intern, Lewiston, Maine.

"Small. Sustainable. Scalable." I advised to my friend as she fumbled over her research paper.


I've found myself using this motto almost daily but has proven to be especially useful in my academic life. Whenever I tackle a research assignment or group project, my natural instinct is to think big. While thinking big has it's time and place, projects and research can become cumbersome and overwhelming if they aren't eventually scaled down.


I can also see how this model will be helpful in my future. Leading groups and organizing events becomes much more manageable with a small and sustainable mindset. However, it's not an excuse for doing less than your best. It's a way to motivate oneself and one's team towards tackling specific approaches to accomplish set goals.


I also appreciate the first-hand look FLEFF has given me into the inner workings of planning and executing such a large gathering. Such an occasion requires a lot of time and and participation and there were many people who poured their blood, sweat and tears into making FLEFF a success.


Some note-worthy people include:


Dr. Tanya Saunders, assistant provost of Ithaca College and executive producer of FLEFF


Dr. Tom Shevory, co-director of FLEFF, and


Dr. Patricia Zimmermann, co-director of FLEFF and mentor during my exploration of the festival process. 


I’d also like to give a shout out to Jonathan Morello and my fellow blogging staff for being a great group of people to work with. Every time I entered our staff meeting room and circled around the long, round table covered with multicolored quarter sheets and that meeting’s agenda, I felt like we could accomplish anything. Thanks for creating such a professional and positive environment. My festival experience wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. 


Isn’t great to be a part of a hard working team?



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