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Posted by Chloe Wilson at 3:41PM   |  1 comment
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Blog posting by Chloe Wilson, Television-Radio '14, Ashland Massachusetts, Festival Blogger

It’s hard to believe that FLEFF was only a week ago. It’s such a jam-packed week so, for me, it takes a long time to process all of the things I learned and all of the environments I became of part of.

FLEFF’s theme of mobilities stuck out to me this year.  It seemed that every event I attended transported me to a new culture, a new lifestyle, a new environment.  During this year’s FLEFF, I was a globetrotter. 

I travelled to the lands of South America with Dr. Phil McMichael’s talk about food sovereignty and the “global hunger games.”  I wove through the stories of Ugandan folklore when I spoke with Dominica Dipio about her film “Crafting the Bamasaba.” I was transported back to the Middle Ages with the amazing Carmina Burana performance. At Cinemapolis, I flitted between South Korea, China, Pakstan, and even upstate New York.

This has been my third time participating in FLEFF – my second as a blogger.  It seems that, no matter how many FLEFFs I attend, I will always keep learning.  Which, if you think about it, makes complete sense, since one of FLEFF’s goals is to promote interdisciplinary learning.

I had a lot of favorite moments from FLEFF this year.  What were some of yours?

1 Comment

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