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FLEFF Intern Voices

The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Meagan McGinnes at 8:51PM   |  1 comment
Meagan McGinnes


"The sign of a true artist, whether you are an artist of music, words, paint, film, community or whatever, is the recognition and utilization of texture. Even the most unrelated topics become related, weaved together in lively and interesting way. It is the magic of FLEFF, stringing things together to make unexpected, but wonderful sense."


I said these words in a prior blog post before experiencing FLEFF. Never could I have realized how true they actually were. Everything about FLEFF was unexpected, but wonderfully insightful. I was able to wrap myself up completely in the warm, inviting, and colorful blanket of FLEFF. Microtopias are fragmented and yet can come together. It is a safe place to push boundaries, to question the preconceived and to create textures both vibrant and new. Each individual thread of the blanket by itself does not amount to much, but weaved together it becomes beautiful and creates a feeling of safety and comfort, but also wonder—wonder like that state of mind right before sleep hits, when you are straddling the line between reality and dream. To me, that in-between is where the best thinking happens, where boundaries are lost and where utopias and local microtpoias can be imagined. Then we wake up, shed our textured, woven blanket of conversation, and apply our newly gained concepts and perspectives to our local area. Microtopia.

1 Comment

good and informative

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