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Posted by Jade Hazzard at 10:44PM

Blog written by Jade Hazzard, FLEFF Blogging Intern 2019, Camden Maine. 

“I don’t see the word disruption as negative, I think that disruption can be been seen as simply change, and you decide if change is good or not. “

Dr. Geronymo is a professional piano player who was born in Brazil then moved to America. While in America he received his doctorate...


Posted by Blaize Hall at 11:33PM

Blog Post by Blaize Hall, Television-Radio, '15, Georgia, Vermont

The American Dissonances concert was a contrasting assembly of American tunes played on two pianos, a bass, a trumpet, a flute, with Mezzo-Soprano vocals.  A screen played scenes of iconic geography throughout the U.S., and eclectic historical scenes such as activist movements, early home-videos, airplane...


Posted by Kayla Reopelle at 11:21PM

Blog posting by Kayla Reopelle, Documentary Studies and Production '14, FLEFF Blogger, Roy, WA


JG: Music is all about this tension...


Posted by Andrew Ronald at 9:55PM

Blog posting written by Andrew Ronald, Film, Photography & Visual Arts '15, FLEFF Social Media Manager, Mahopac, New York

You might have heard it while watching the climax to an action-packed movie. You might have heard it in an elegant concert hall. You might have even heard it on The X Factor.


Posted by Colleen Lemos at 7:27PM

Colleen Ryan
Television-Radio, Scriptwriting '12
Anthropology Minor
FLEFF Intern
Lansing, NY

It's an interesting experiment when you take a bunch of students unfamiliar with the music school, and have them try to find a room hidden in the corner.  Although many of us FLEFF interns are out our element tonight...


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