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Posted by Kathryn Beaule at 11:57PM

Blog posting by Katie Beaule, Communication Management and Design '16, FLEFF Blogger, Windsor, CT



Posted by Elma Yedda Gonzalez at 1:30PM

Blog post written by Elma Gonzalez '14, FLEFF Blogger, Journalism, San Diego, CA.

The office is not very large. Its white walls serve as a frame to a plethora of posters, which urge students to participate in events discussing race and ethnicity. A colorful map of the world serves as the focal point of the room. It hangs above an L shaped desk with a computer monitor that is...


Posted by Erica Moriarty at 2:05PM

Blog posting written by Erica Moriarty, Documentary Studies and Production '16, FLEFF Intern, Houston, Texas 

Hello FLEFFers! Can't make it to the FLEFF Lab in Park 220? No problem! I'm here live blogging to bring you the highlights!

And due to a last minute change, filmmaker Bo Wang, the first Chinese filmmaker...


Posted by Shawn Steiner at 1:09PM

Blog posting written by Shawn Steiner, Film, Photography, and Visual Arts '13, FLEFF Intern, Elkridge, MD

And once again we are back in Park 220 for FLEFF Lab Friday. Kelly Matheson from WITNESS is here and Dr. Patricia Zimmermann is moderating this hour. Come on by!


Kelly begins with the well-known video of Rodney...


Posted by Dorothea Hinman at 4:40PM

Blog posting written by Dorothea Hinman, Cinema and Photography '15, FLEFF Intern, Rochester, NY.

Just as one of the busiest weeks of my life draws to a close, another busy, exciting week is just getting started.

Of course, I am talking about FLEFF. 

It's an exciting, fun filled week packed with various lectures, films, musical...


Posted by Kelsey Greene at 11:51AM

Blog was written by Kelsey Greene, Documentary Studies and Production, '13, FLEFF intern, Buffalo, New York

I am yet again in the third row of seats, but this time in the Park auditorium.  

Dr. Zimmermann is introducing the former Ithaca College alum who used to sit in the class I'm in now:...


Posted by Kelsey Greene at 4:53PM

Blog was written by Kelsey Greene, Documentary Studies and Production, '13, FLEFF intern, Buffalo, New York

I am not usually the kind of student who pulls out their computer during class to go online, but I have been instructed to do so for this blog.  

I am sitting in the third row of seats in room 115 of the Center for Health Sciences building.  


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