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Posted by Molly Bandelli at 6:46PM
Photo of Molly Bandelli, Blogger

Blog posting written by Molly Bandelli, Television and Radio, minor in Sociology, ‘20, FLEFF Blogging Intern, Westfield, NJ.


Have you ever left a film feeling as if you were temporarily paralyzed?


Paralyzed, in terms of being unable to get out of your seat once the screen fades to black and the credits begin to role. Paralyzed, in terms of your face remaining in a state of shock. Paralyzed, in terms of your brain replaying the last scene of the film over and over again in your head.


I had never experienced this feeling before. That was until yesterday.


During the last day of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, I went to the screening of Sweet Country. It was the first trailer that was shown in our seminar. I immediately scribbled down the name, knowing it was something I had to see.


But, what I failed to realize was the impact that it would have on me.


Sweet Country tells the story of an aboriginal man from Australia's Northern Territory whom goes on the run after he kills a white man in self-defense. The film follows protagonist Sam Kelly and his wife as he is hunted down by local law to face trial for murder. The film allows the audience to experience a time in which society was built on intense racism and violent oppression.


For 113 minutes, my eyes were glued on the screen in front of me. Desperately rooting for the ending to result in justice, I knew it was highly unlikely.


The film had surpassed my expectations. I found the film Sweet Country incredibly powerful as it spoke to the issues surrounding injustices regarding race. Although society has progressed in most social areas, we are still unable to see the institutional racism that lingers within our society.


If your interested in a compelling, thought-provoking film, Sweet Country is available to watch on Amazon Prime, YouTube and Google Play.


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