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Posted by Isabel Galupo at 9:07PM

Blog posting written by Isabel Galupo, Cinema and Photography '14, FLEFF Intern, Towson, MD

Every Wednesday night, the staff of FLEFF interns are instructed by Ann Michel and Phillip Wilde, co-directors of the production company Insights International. In this class, Ann and Phil guide us on how to market FLEFF to the Ithaca community, how to engage with festival guests and artists, and how to think about the business of film festivals in creative and innovative ways.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Ann after class last week and learn about her experience as a media professional, her paradoxical interests in mathematics and filmmaking, and her thoughts on live performances in FLEFF:

On her work for Insights International and her March 27th "Workshop on 100 Films about Water:" 

"Insights produces social issue and science films...[the films at the workshop] are very short, bite size science...we're hoping with our filmmaking skills to bring people into the science fold that haven't really been in it before." 

On the influence of math in her work as a filmmaker:

"Mathematics is a very concise language...the shortest sentence in the world is e = mc2. In 5 letters, you have described the universe. Good filmmaking, in my opinion, can also be concise." 

On what makes FLEFF a unique experience:

"FLEFF always tries to do outside of traditional film screening events...watching a movie is not a big deal, so to get people out of their houses and into a have to add value to the experience, and one way to do that is to have that it becomes a more theatrical event."

Be sure to attend the "Workshop of 100 Films about Water," hosted by producers/directors Ann Michel and Phillip Wilde on Tuesday, March 27th in Park 279 from 2:35 - 3:50 P.M. Ann and Phil will be presenting segments of films that deal with the science and politics of water.

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