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The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Hanxiao Wang at 12:44AM

Blog posting written by Hanxiao Wang, Integrated Marketing Communications studies, '19, FLEFF Intern, Sichuan, China. 

Heraclitus had a famous saying : "No man ever steps in the same river twice." In my opinion, no man ever steps in the same landscape twice!

We live in the world, which is created by nature and human beings. This natural world features plains, mountains, coasts, vast arid deserts, tropical rainforests and polar regions of earth. We adore and fear nature, and at the same time we rebuild nature to become a new world, which combines the natural scenery and human culture.

But landscapes change everyday due to the nature’s influence or human’s participation.

For example, you go to Time Square in New York City, what do you see? a broadway show? Huge billboards? Shore fronts? Not exactly. You see the changing scene! People from all over the world gather together there everyday; you hardly see the same person twice. For instance, you saw the man wearing a hat written “I love NYC” and screeching to his girlfriend “marry me!” Will you see that again the next day? No, he won’t propose everyday!

You go to Central Park. God, why don’t you feel the beauty like the last time you visited? You see the yellow falling leaves, the individual blades of grass, the singing birds, the scampering squirrels, yet, everything is not beautiful. You feel let down, since you lost love, even the boy selling roses looks quite unappealing.

It was raining yesterday, you saw the Canadian Geese on campus rushing away to the ground under the trees. But at the same time today, you saw them walking contentedly near the lake, an amazing rainbow was appearing, circling above the lake.     

You admired the fountain, the lake and the deer showing up on campus, but you have never found a small mushroom when you passed by the road before, until you encountered a girl. She collected the small thing, gave it a name, and protected it. Suddenly, you realized how beautiful and unique the mushroom is!

We are building, explaining and rebuilding our landscapes in a different way everyday, since people, weather, our moods and perspectives are all different. Because of this, we can appreciate only one landscape everyday. Meanwhile, the natural landscape and human being’s cultural landscape interact with each other and exist in a harmonic or an inharmonic relationship. We respect and protect them, so we all own the human constructs. We also destroy and ruin them, thus we suffer from environmental pollution.

The point is which way do you live? How can we build landscapes to be more sustainable and harmonious?  I believe the 19th annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival will give you some good answers.

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