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Posted by Rebecca Cox at 8:11PM
Cayuga Lake in the summer

Blog posting written by Rebecca Cox, Cinema and Photography, ’16, FLEFF Intern, Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

By definition, a landscape is “all the visible features of an area of countryside or land, often considered in terms of their aesthetic appeal.”

With relevance to the 19th annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, this definition just scratches the surface. This year’s theme of Landscapes gives opportunity to explore different physical landscapes as well as figurative ones.

Many different artists and filmmakers delve into literal landscapes such as the rocky terrain of mountains and the harsh waves of the sea. Others seek the conceptual form of landscapes while they examine the terror of factory farming and the struggle of humanity through global politics.

I find the concept of the theme Landscapes to be liberating for not just the artists and their work, but for the audience as well. It pushes FLEFF-goers to think intellectually about each piece of work and how the theme is entertained within them. 

Festivals such as FLEFF are about opening up our minds to new experiences, people and places in which we would not otherwise expose ourselves. Each work has the chance to put the audience in an astronomically different world whether it is through the physicality of a setting, culture, or characters.

The concept of a Landscape will continue to develop through discussions and workshops held at the festival. With over 100 events held March 28 – April 3, FLEFF gives the audience the opportunity to further their thoughts through conversations with selected filmmakers and artists.

The idea of a landscape is to provide a sense of a ground whether it is literal or figurative. I hope the theme of Landscapes generates new ideas within the FLEFF-goers and forces each person to question their own personal landscape.

That being said, I am looking forward to exploring this theme during the festival and seeing the works that dive into an array of distinctive landscapes.

What kind of landscapes do you hope to see at FLEFF this year? What strikes you about this theme?

How do you define the word landscape and how do you think it relates to the works that might be shown at this year’s festival?


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