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Posted by Carly Cote at 9:28PM

     Are you left brained or right brained? Are you a writer or a mathematician? Are you creative or logical? Do you enjoy the quantifiable or qualitative? These are all questions that divide students, professionals, and intellectuals.

     I am an HSHP student. I initially felt out of place being a blogger for a film festival. I thought the role belonged to Park Students. What could I, as a Public and Community Health major have to offer? A different perspective.

     FLEFF fosters interdisciplinary learning and connections.

     The idea of approaching a scientific issue, such as the erosion of the Louisiana Coast, through an artistic medium, such as film, is interdisciplinary. That collaboration, however, allows the audience to put a face on the issue. It is much easier to identify with a controversy when its effects can be visualized.

     Aside from film, panels created interdisciplinary discussions. Here, music professors commented on research projects about cheese production in Upstate New York, and film professors remarked about race implications found in jokes. After each question, critique, or comment, my understanding of the project or topic being discussed deepened. I became more aware of the many different ways an obstacle could be approached.

     If educational institutions focused on combining learning methodologies, rather than dividing ways of thinking, I believe the outcomes would be more comprehensive. The more knowledge introduce to a project, the more breadth and depth the subject at hand can reach.

     How can we combine the left and the right brains? What if we had writers and mathematicians work together? How can we produce a creative and logical solution? Can we quantify the qualitative?  

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