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The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Lea Troutman at 1:57PM

Written by Lea Troutman, Film Photo & Visual Arts 21', FLEFF Intern, Baltimore, MD

Master Classes at FLEFF 

During the master classes, you can expect an afternoon full of discussion. “The guests will be doing shot-by-shot analysis of their work, describe their research or artistic process and challenges, talk about their careers, and probe how disruptions are essential to their work.” 

Philip Mallory Jones, film/video/new media/gaming/ VR artist  

Philip Mallory Jones’ work creates experiences “using digital 3D modeling and video game technologies, virtual and augmented reality, theatrical projection, and creating books.”  In Jones’ latest work, Bronzeville Etudes and Riffs (2018), Jones’ goal is to promote the visions of the artists during the Chicago Renaissance, as they inspired artists in many generations across all fields. As one of the first guests that I heard about back in February, I am very excited for this close discussion of Jones’ work in the Master Classes.  

Staring at the Sun with Harry Greenberger and Sara Corrigan 

Harry Greenberger is an Ithaca College Alumni writer and director of staring at the sun. Sara Corrigan is also an Ithaca College alumni and editor of Staring at the Sun.  

Staring at the sun is about “Two teenage Brooklyn Hasidic schoolgirls, unable to live under the strict rules of their community take the family car and run away across America to find what they assume will be the life of total freedom that lies beyond their insular world. They discover that a world where they don't understand the game is more dangerous than a world with too many rules, and they try to make their way in a new context, under new identities, and within an entirely new lifestyle.” 

Dr. Elizabeth Wijaya, co-founder of E&W Films 

Dr. Elizabeth Wijaya is a film scholar of Southeast Asian and Chinese cinemas. She co-founded E & W films. Dr. Wijaya works with E & W films to direct and produce “works that challenge and resonate with Asian and international audiences.” Wijaya received her PhD in Comparative Literature at Cornell University in 2018. She has directed and produced films, I Have Loved, Bronx Lives, and wrote I Have Loved and Space of City Trees. 

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