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Posted by Gabriella Sophir at 11:04PM   |  4 comments

Blog posting written by Abby Sophir, Television/Radio '14, FLEFF Intern, St. Louis, Missouri.

With FLEFF week just over two weeks away, my excitement is boiling! As I review the film schedules (now posted on the website!) I am intrigued by nearly every film I read. 

Although I have already begun to clear my week and get ahead on homework, there’s one small problem: too many interesting films, not enough time! As much as I don’t want to admit it, I won’t be able to see them all. 

Therefore, I have made a list of the on-campus (or very close to campus) films I most want to see. This list is highly tentative and will likely change several times prior to the festival as I continue to hear more about the films. But for now, in no particular order (ranking them was pushing it just a little too far)...

Note: I have a slight bias toward documentaries.

1. Objectified by Gary Hustwit-- As a critic of our society’s consumerist ways, I am drawn to this feature-length documentary that provides an inside-look at the people and work that go into creating the manufactured items we consume. (Showing: Tuesday, April 12 @ 1:10 PM Center for Health Sciences 208)

2. Cattle Camp by Alijan Nasirov-- Although I’m not normally a fan of subtitles, I am looking forward to escaping civilization with this rare 28 minute documentary set in the quiet mountains of Kyrgystan. (Showing: Monday, April 11 @ 5:25 PM, Friends 205)

3. The New Metropolis, USA by Andrea Torrice-- I cannot pass up this two-for-one showing which integrates two half-hour documentaries, A Crack In The Pavement and The New Neighbors, to tell a story of evolution, struggle, integration, and revitalization in American suburbia. (Showing: Thursday, April 14 @ 1:30 PM, Longview)

4. What’s the Economy for Anyway? by John de Graff-- I look forward to laughing and cringing with this economic monologue that challenges the ways we measure economic success. (Showing: Monday, April 11 @ 11 AM, Center for Natural Sciences 115)

5. Dirt! by Bill Benenson-- As someone concerned with the preservation of the environment, I am extremely intrigued by this film that focuses on an unlikely subject: soil. However, I was surprised to read that Hollywood star, Jamie Lee Curtis narrates the film. (Showing: Wednesday, April 13 @ 1:10 PM, Center for Natural Sciences 119)

Honorable mention goes to Money Driven Medicine (Showing: Friday, April 15 @ 10 AM, Center for Health Sciences 202) and Who Am I? The Found Children of Argentina (Showing: Monday, April 11 @ 5:25 PM, Park 273)

Anyone care to join me at these showings? Any suggestions of other films similar to these that I may enjoy?



I like your honesty about your personal biases, likes and dislikes. The top 5 films you picked really encompass the social justice sphere and the environmental preservation sphere so integral to this festival. Now I can't wait to see "Objectified." I find it interesting to see how workers think and feel about the products they produce.

I am really looking forward to the documentary Good Fortune. It is going to be at Cinemopolis and not on campus so that is why I am presuming you do not have it in your top five list. Based on your other choices I believe you will really enjoy it and I encourage you to check out the information on it!

The one event that I'm excited for is the Rite of Spring. It'll be interesting to see how the the live music goes with the projections. I'm also looking forward to Siren of the Tropics and Good Fortune.


I enjoyed your film recommendations. I also share your enthusiasm for documentaries and will be on the look out for some of these. I recently got the Netflix streaming service and Iíve noticed that their documentary selections are quite extensive so hopefully I will be successful. I love your blog and look forward to following what you have to say.

All the Best,


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