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The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Hanxiao Wang at 11:05PM

After read the book Sustainable Projections Concepts in Film Festival Management, written by Alex Fischer, we discussed about strategies that increase film festival attractiveness in class. Again, after I experienced FLEFF, I understand deeply that why FLEFF is so successful and attractive.

First, FLEFF considers building alliances very well.

On one hand, FLEFF is provided by Ithaca College, which is the major sponsor. Because of Ithaca College’s rich resources, such as diverse professional network, interdisciplinary faculty and strong music and film department, FLEFF can take advantage of all of these resources to offer audience an intellectual platform. In addition to films, audience can also enjoy FLEFF concert, discussion panels, and exhibition.

On the other hand, FLEFF cooperates with Cinemopolis, which is a movie theater, specializing in independent, foreign, and locally-produced films. This cooperative alliance enabled FLEFF not only to attract college students’ attentions, but also to gain more community audience in Ithaca.

Second, FLEFF get the timing and location right.

What else people can do except for joining in FLEFF during a cold week in Ithaca?

From March 28-April 3, the FLEFF week offers people a big warm festival in the cold weather, nothing is more meaningful than going to FLEFF.

Also, the first half of FLEFF mainly focusing on professional panels, exhibition and concert, was held on campus during working days, when students can jump into FLEFF whenever they are free. The second half of FLEFF focusing on films and screens, was held in Cinemopolis located in the heart of downtown Ithaca, on the weekend, so audience in Ithaca has chances to go to appreciate more films for the convenient location and time.

Third, FLEFF has an identifiable function.

FLEFF’s slogan: a different environment, which emphasizes sustainability across all of its forms: economic, ecological, political, and cultural. This special identify runs through every theme of FLEFF, such as last year’s habitats, and this year’s landscapes. 

Thus, this year we got to watch the film Losing Ground discussing about the relationship between environment and economy. We also watch the film the Pearl Button, which showed us the supernatural landscape and its hidden history. And the Epic of Everest, which presented a story about human’s worship and conquest of nature, impressed me a lot.

Such a topic about environment gives FLEFF a recognizable form and attracts people who are interested in sustainable development culture to join in FLEFF.

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