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Fresh at FLEFF

Fresh at FLEFF

News, Views, Updates and More about the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival

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Posted by Patricia Zimmermann at 12:40AM   |  Add a comment

Blog written by Patricia Zimmerman, codirector of FLEFF

I have a big announcement to make: FLEFF is ALMOST programmed.

I say almost because every day, something seems to open up, we get a call, a lead on a film, or an artist comes through, some funding falls into place.

One thing I have learned about programming a festival is that it is not some bureaucratic organization. It operates as a living, constantly morphing organism in endless engagement with the outside world. 

Its always changing. Guests get added. Films get added.  Something happens. A conversation. A connection. An enthusiastic new idea from an intern. A new band. A different kind of party. Music that changes how you hear the world.

One BIG change this year is that we've expanded FLEFF from 7 days to 8 days. And we've expanded our downtown Ithaca presence significantly, from three days to four.  And, we're doing THREE whole nights of after parties with multiple bands and performers at Delilah's, programmed by the ever energetic London McDaniels.

This year, our downtown screenings and events have the most guests, the most filmmakers, the most films, and the most musicians for after parties of any FLEFF to date.

Here's just a very small sampling of FLEFF programming at Cinemapolis April 14-17, to whet your appetite for quality cinema that creates a different environment.

FLEFF opens up an international world of film directors, editors, new media artists, musicians presenting their work and post screening conversations with you at Cinemapolis, one of the most beautiful new multiplexes for art cinema in the country. 

Directors and industry professionals presenting at Cinemapolis include Rodrigo Bellott (Bolivia/Amsterdam, EVEN THE RAIN), Tina Mabry (MISSISSIPPI DAMNED), Danny Schecter (PLUNDER), David Brancaccio (FIXING THE FUTURE), James La Veck and Jenny Stein (PEACABLE KINGDOM), Jeremy Levine (GOOD FORTUNE), Helen De Michiel (LUNCH LOVE COMMUNITY), Franklin Lopez (END: CIV), Tom Swarthout (Sidney Lumet's film editor), Karin Chien (executive director of Dgenerate Films from China).

Plus, do not miss FLEFF's signature events of new commissions of live music for silent film at Cinemapolis: THE LAST LAUGH, with John Stetch, piano; SIRENS OF THE TROPICS,the first film starring African American dancing sensation Josephine Baker, with performance by Cynthia Henderson and jazz music by Fe Nunn and Friends; and STORM OVER ASIA with Robby Aceto, Chris White,and Peter Dodge, electronic/experimental rock music.

The festival program is up, the grids for campus and downtown are onlinr, the bios of the 40 guests invited to this year's FLEFF are in PDFs for downloading. Find it all --and more-- on our website HERE. 

Just print out---and start charting your path through the multimedia extravaganza of the mind and the heart and the soul that we hope is FLEFF 2011 Checkpoints.

See you at the Checkpoint?


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