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Fresh at FLEFF

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Posted by Patricia Zimmermann at 10:06PM   |  4 comments
Arthur Smith, Arctic cinematographer/director

Special FREE Screening at Cinemapolis

Sunday April 17
2 p.m.

What Do Polar Bears Dream When They’re Dying? (USA 2010)
With renowned Arctic and wildlife cinematographer/director Arthur Smith

What if we're all the polar bear? A wildlife cinematographer moves to Alaska to discover that what's really killing polar bears is already killing people. 

The film is a documentary from the northern front line. It is the second film by award-winning Alaskan filmmaker Arthur C. Smith III.

Check out Arthur Smith's company, Polar Art Productions, HERE

Preview the trailer for What do Polar Bears Dream While They're Dying HERE

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs and ARCUS

FLEFF, A Different Environment


WOW! The trailer for this film (link above) is absolutely shocking! "Polar bears and pregnant women share many things in common..." is the opening text and it just gets better from there. Not to mention the sound design, just for the trailer, is incredibly thought provoking. I saw Arthur Smith's film when he was here two years ago and it was AMAZING! Totally eye opening and absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to see what he has done now! I will not be missing this event!

And, as icing on the cake, it's the ONLY film at Cinemapolis FLEFF weekend that will be FREE. So bring all of your friends--Mr. Smith, as you know, is considered one of the top wildlife/environmental cinematographers and directors in the world. And he very much enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with students...pass his trailer around! And yes--it's gorgeous. He's a master.

I just got back from this screening and I was not disappointed! This new film is just as beautiful as the last, which was screened as well, and it tells a much deeper story.

For anyone who missed this screening, you're in luck! Mr. Smith personally asked if he could have another screening with solely Ithaca students. So this Tuesday from 10:50-12:05 there will be another screening in the Park Auditorium with Mr. Smith. We will be discussing the issues involved with filming in the Arctic and any other filming questions that come up. Don't miss this amazing opportunity!

I attended the student screening of this film and though visually stunning I found its revelations to be deeply disturbing. What Do Polar Bears Dream When They're Dying, creates a composite of the bears healthy habitat-building on an Alaskan island in the Arctic Ocean. However it appears that the lives of these polar bears and the health of the local population are in jeopardy do to encroaching off-shore oil-drillers. With this work, Smith stated that he would like to challenge the common assumption that polar bears need sea ice to live and hopes his message will stop what appears to be the pending destruction of the Inuit and polar bear communities on this island. Smith has truly groundbreaking documentation and I wish this film the utmost success!

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