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Paris Climate Landscapes

Paris Climate Landscapes

Daily Postings from the 2015 UN Climate Conference

Posted by Thomas Shevory at 8:23AM

One of the most striking aspects of COP21, for someone that hasn’t been to one for a few years, is the striking absence of references to the Kyoto Treaty. In previous meetings, it was the primary reference point, both for supporters and opponents. Much time was spent evaluating the efficacy of carbon markets, Clean Development...


Posted by Thomas Shevory at 8:04AM

I arrived in Paris at 7:30 AM.  Only an hour’s sleep on the plane, but I was eager to get to the conference.  Twenty-seven euros (!) secured me a seven-day transit pass. The clerk at the ticket counter informed me I needed a photo.  At the photomatic booth, a good-natured guide in a green COP21 vest told me where to get change for it. When the change machine wouldn’t...


Posted by Thomas Shevory at 9:52PM

I’m sitting on a half-empty flight to Paris for COP21. After purchasing some carbon offsets on my long layover in Newark, I spent time reading through recent New York Times articles and various twitter feeds to get myself up to speed.  It felt as though I had been hit by a swirling mass of contradictory observations and opinions, but I wasn’t expecting anything...


Posted by Thomas Shevory at 2:36PM

Today, with public demonstrations banned due to security considerations, after the recent attacks,  activists in Paris laid out thousands of pairs of shoes as a form of collective protest. Stay tuned to this site for upcoming blog postings on the Twenty-First Conference of the Parties (COP21) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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