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Paris Climate Landscapes

Paris Climate Landscapes

Daily Postings from the 2015 UN Climate Conference

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Posted by Thomas Shevory at 1:42PM

Yesterday I attended the civil society demonstration held in downtown Paris, rather than head up to the official ceremony at the COP.   The conference website stated that, given expected crowds, you needed a ticket, and implied that they would difficult to get. Given that I’d probably just end up watching the video feed, it didn’t seem quite worth it.

A few...


Posted by Thomas Shevory at 5:46AM

Wednesday I attended a side event on impacts of climate change in the Pacific region, with special attention to the small island states.  A string of slides on the projection screen showed very tangible, and often catastrophic, effects experienced by people and ecosystems in the region.   One speaker noted that carbon contributions of Pacific Island states are negligible,...


Posted by Thomas Shevory at 9:52PM

I’m sitting on a half-empty flight to Paris for COP21. After purchasing some carbon offsets on my long layover in Newark, I spent time reading through recent New York Times articles and various twitter feeds to get myself up to speed.  It felt as though I had been hit by a swirling mass of contradictory observations and opinions, but I wasn’t expecting anything...


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