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Paris Climate Landscapes

Paris Climate Landscapes

Daily Postings from the 2015 UN Climate Conference

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Posted by Thomas Shevory at 1:16AM

Here are a few random thoughts and observations while waiting to hear about a final agreement.

I went to a presentation Thursday by the U.S. on the President’s Climate Action Plan.  It included a number of officials from various government departments, including EPA...


Posted by Thomas Shevory at 5:51AM

I’ve only been here for a few days, but I’m already feeling a certain fondness for the working class neighborhood on Av. Jean Jaurès, where my budget hotel is located.   Parisians have something of a reputation for snobbery, but that hasn’t been my experience.  In fact, they seem to be some of the most polite and friendliest people I’ve ever...


Posted by Thomas Shevory at 9:52PM

I’m sitting on a half-empty flight to Paris for COP21. After purchasing some carbon offsets on my long layover in Newark, I spent time reading through recent New York Times articles and various twitter feeds to get myself up to speed.  It felt as though I had been hit by a swirling mass of contradictory observations and opinions, but I wasn’t expecting anything...


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