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dGenerate Films: Chinese Independent Cinema

dGenerate Films

For one month starting in mid March, you can use this coupon code to have free access to all of the dGenerate Films titles.  Just go to this webpage, sign in, and when you are asked to pay the fee, there will be a prompt for the coupon code: 1MONTH

Since 2008, dGenerate Films has been a visionary group that has worked to bring independent Chinese cinema to the United States and the world. dGenerate Films has collected 70 titles spanning the years 2001-2019.

Chinese independent cinema produced beyond official government or commercial entities is one of the most significant political film movements in the world, especially in the area of documentaries chronicling the complex environmental, economic, health, migration, social, and urbanization issues in China. The films in their collection probe Chinese life on the ground across the country, focusing on the microlocal   rather than the macro and national.  These films mine the contradictions between development and its impact on people. The dGenerate Films collection is the most expansive and important compendium of Chinese independent cinema in the world. 

Filmmakers in this collection include Wang Jiuliang (Beijing Besieged by Waste, 2011)*; Wang Bing (Bitter Money, 2016; Dead Souls, 2018)*;  Bo Wang (China Concerto, 2012)*; Huang Wei Kai (Disorder, 2009)*; Yang Mingming (Girls Always Happy, 2018); Pema Tseden (Jinpa, 2018)*; Yi Cui (Late Summer, 2016); Cui Zi'en (Queer China, "Comrade China,' 2008);  Zhao Dayong (Street Life 2006)*; Zhu Rikun (The Questioning, 2013)*; Won Hai (We the Workers, 2017)

*indicates film, filmmaker, both have been featured in previous editions of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival