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Coronavirus Dashboard

Coronavirus Map March 19, 2020

Developed by a group called, the COVID-19 in the US and Canada site functions as a coronavirus dashboard during the current pandemic. It was made by first generation Chinese immigrants.  It provides real time updates with credible sources, using data crawlers, API calls, user submissions, all cross-referenced. Information is update every 5-15 minutes. The site fights against the discourse that calls the coronavirus the "China virus," the "Wuhan virus," or the "Kung Flu." 

It is organized into six areas all presented with clarity and accessibility: summary, map, news and live updates, supplies, trends, videos. 

Within the site, it offers subareas featuring facts and aggregation of information from across the US.  In the Work and LIfe subsection, it posts information on policies of various companies for working from home.  The School subsection lists colleges and universities as they migrate to remote teaching.  The What's in Stock section lists grocery stores and categories such as busy, fruit and veggies, and meat, fish, and eggs.  The Testing subsection provides real-time data on testing locations, pending cases, positive, and negative cases. 

As it designers and engineers emphasize, although the site organizes data to be used during the crisis, it is designed for people and reminds us that beyond the data visualizations are real people confronting COVID-19.