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EngageMedia, Indonesia/Australia

Engage Media, Indonesia/Australia

Responding to COVID-19: EngageMedia (Southeast Asia and Australia)

Makinarya (Philippines) - Themes: Human rights, summary killings

After the Dead Season (Philippines) - Theme: Land rights, food security
Synopsis: The film unpacks issues and struggles faced by the sugarcane farmers – from the lack of yearlong sustainable source of income, meager pay for farmworkers, unjust farmland conversion, and the continuous tension between the farmers and hacienderos.

A vote of no confidence (Indonesia) - Theme: Democracy, Corruption

Garopa from Misool (Indonesia) -  Themes: Papua, Indigenous People, Nature Conservation

Manila's Poor Under Lockdown Themes: Poverty, Covid-19, Social Welfare


Dispatch from EngageMedia: The escalation of COVID-19 cases worldwide has greatly impacted the daily lives of citizens in many countries. In the Philippines, the entire Luzon island is on lockdown. Malaysia as a whole is on lockdown. While some countries are still dragging their heels, most countries in Southeast Asia have already increased restrictions.

This past week, EngageMedia have been busy ensuring the safety of our staff and affiliates in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia, shifting to a fully remote setup, which fortunately has mostly been our default since 2005.

Short- to medium-term repercussions will be severe and highly dependent on how each government responds. The situation has transformed daily life. It will also change regional geopolitics, with increasing risks of authoritarianism and the curtailment of human rights, as well as the widespread economic downturn that will impact millions.

As people’s movements are increasingly curtailed, digital rights and freedom of expression are already being impacted. But media and technology are also being used in a variety of positive ways, particularly in connecting people together to find solutions to collective challenges brought about by this pandemic.

EngageMedia will feature coverage of COVID-19 as it relates to digital rights and freedom of expression in Southeast Asia. It will also explore how people use video to document the crisis, share knowledge, and support each other in various ways.

It will also start helping nonprofits in the region shift to remote working – both internal work and public activities. Anyone in the world interested in helping, please contact EngageMedia.