Infiltrations A Different Media Environment Exhibition


Labor Beat, Chicago, Illinois

labor beat

Labor Beat archive

Selected curated titles for INFILTRATIONS EXHIBITION:

Give Us Roses: Art and the Class Struggle (2018, 27 minutes)   

Save Puerto Rico, Free Puerto Rico ( 2018, 20 minute)

March for Science Chicago (2017 11 minutes)

Art Build for People's Climate and May Day March (2017, 4 min)

Climate Change and Capitalism  (2015, 18 minutes)

Labor Beat identifies itself as "an independent rank-and-file labor forum of independent rank-and-file media."  Labor Beat is the longest-running cable TV labor series in the US. It started in 1986. It is a valuable, unique, and endangered resource in the union struggle, creating a rare niche in cable television  and in easy-to-access online archives for edited, pro-working class features and news with good production values and clear messaging.  

One powerful and compelling aspect of Labor Beat productions is their collaborative process with unions, workers, and activists.  Their approach does not simply make images of the working class, but mobilizes with it  side-by-side. In each of the many Labor Beat programs, the camera is always proximic to the subjects and resolutely on their side, rejecting objectivity for evidence, argument, and the voices of the people. The camera positioning, sound design, and editing in these pieces take the position of the subjects in an act of insistent participatory documentary media practice that offers a 21st century rendition of the Workers Film and Photo League films from the 1930s.