Infiltrations A Different Media Environment Exhibition


Wenhua Shi, Experimental Media Art

Wenhua Shi, experimental media artist

10 moments (HD 2012)

Descending a Staircase (HD, 2013-2015)

Die Nacht (Dedicated to Phil Solomon, 16mm to HD,  2017 - 2019)

Endless (16mm, 2006)

Gutai (2019, 16mm to HD) (password: toolbody)

One and the same (16mm to SD, 2005)

Senses of Time (16mm, 2018) (password: senseone)

The Rose  (2019, 16mm to HD) (password: rose)

Walking Cycle (HD, 2016-2018)


Wenhua Shi’s experimental media is a practice of entanglements.

It twists together conceptual ideas with art historical and geographic vectors.

Taken as a whole, the nine works in this exhibition position code, image, and language as intersecting modalities that migrate across many different transmediated forms and practices.

These works offer a cascading series of transcriptions, translations, and transversals between East and West.  These videos ask how image and language move across different forms and interfaces. It emphasizes the openness of the abstract over the denotation of specificity.

The level of media production craft in these various works is disciplined, underscoring the elegance of their abstracted images. In Shi’s work, code, image, and language blend and transform, each destabilizing the others.

Shi’s work rejects the borders of media formats and technologies, traversing through many different media and interfaces, whether 16mm film, games, installations, live performance, sound art, or videos. 

Shi’s technological fluency across these different interfaces and forms suggests not just a media polyglot but an insurgent.

These works show an impressive clarity of exploration in the relationships and transversals between Eastern and Western imaginaries, whether interrogating art history,  industrialization, mythology, urbanism, or  writing.

Shi’s work asks how these different media and art historical vocabularies can combine to form a new abstract, inquisitive language of code and media.

These videos examine the borders between abstraction, art history, code, East/West, language, and technological affordances.   

The media work of Wenhua Shi  mines the resonances in the interstitial.