Radical Infiltrations New Media Exhibition




India, 2019

This short essay film consists of texts from Arundhati Roy’s Capitalism – A Ghost Story layered over an image of a busy street in New Delhi, India’s capital, taken from the perspective of a human on a horse-drawn cart.

The clopping of the horse’s hooves on the pavement and clanging of the cart’s bells almost muffle the street sounds of motorbikes, automobiles, and trucks.

Roy’s text tells stories of evictions and displacements of communities by development projects of dams and extraction of resources that are heedless of the human cost and function as forms of environmental racism.

Farmers are shown living temporarily in construction sites or on the streets, as the image freezes and fades away.

By adopting the visual point of view of the most vulnerable citizens in the world’s largest democracy, Capital conveys how capitalism under the reforms required by the International Monetary Fund infiltrates and contaminates democracy in New Delhi.