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Occupy WiFi Project: Jury Prize

Occupy WiFi Project

Israel, 2014
Yoav Lifshitz with Israeli Pirate Party Collective

Open WiFi networks have become an integral part of our daily lives.

We knowingly surrender data like phone numbers and email addresses in exchange for access, but we inadvertently reveal other data simply by using these networks.

Occupy WiFi Project is a simultaneously “a public performance piece, wireless art installation, and hacktivism tool for the post-Snowden era.” The project invites users to plant routers offering free WiFi in semipublic spaces for a fixed amount of time.

The first mission, “Biometric Database, Ministry of Interior Tel Aviv,” offers Israeli citizens, queued to enter the Ministry of the Interior for a wait time of several hours, access to information that challenges state propaganda about biometric surveillance by pointing to its likely dangers.

More significantly, the project focuses attention on the way that Israeli expertise in information technologies and software development, like its sales of military hardware, is a growth area of the economy but a danger to privacy and other rights.

This project received a jury prize.