New Media Exhibition: Iterations as Habitats




2011 | Kuesti Fraun


Capacities is an ultrashort video that comments upon the everyday ways that we refuse to acknowledge the vast amounts of consumer waste that we produce each day.

The short scenario unsettles our faith in the capacity of sanitation departments and companies to keep pace with our increasing output. In less than nine seconds, the video tells a story that is uncomfortably familiar, even in ecologically astute places like Germany.

The video recuperates the brevity of trick films from the late nineteenth-century, such as the Lumières’ L’Arroseur arrosé (1895) toward environmental contemplation. Do we laugh or do we cry?


Kuesti Fraun (Germany) is a multiple-award-winning independent filmmaker and producer of more than 100 projects since 1999. He is co-founder of the Berlin-based creative collective mobtik whose projects have been exhibited at festivals and institutions, including International Short Film Festival Berlin, Köln Comedy Festival, Bunter Hund (München), Le Louvre (Paris), Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow), Kunstpalast (Düsseldorf), as well as on radio and television, including Bavarian Radio, SWR, Germany Radio Culture, MDR, ARTE, Eins Festival, Channel5 Tobago.