New Media Exhibition: Iterations as Habitats


Extemporary land art on google earth from Live Architectures

Live Architectures

2014–present | Chiara Passa


Live Architectures is a series of site-specific, interactive projects on Google Earth that animates indoor and outdoor architecture as a digital environment that is “alive and vibrant.”

By using augmented reality technology, Passa transforms the world as Google sees it into one populated by “extemporary-temporary virtual land-art,” constructing a mise en abyme or Droste effect (pictures appearing inside pictures), so that elements from Google Earth shift in terms of depth to produce augmented areas of new space.

Augmented Forces on Google Earth” (2014) reshapes the underwater spaces of the Ostia Sea; “Augmented Sky-trip on Google Earth – The Strawberry Ice Storm” (2014) explores the Google’s fly-through app via a storm of iced/acid strawberry.

The project explores the concept of geocaching on the digital platform of Google Earth, as users discover art hidden within an environment largely defined in terms of practical uses.


Chiara Passa (Italy) is an artist and scholar whose projects include animations, interactive video-installations, site-specific digital art in public space, video-mappings, and video-sculptures. She interrogates and experiments with new technologies to locate unknown creative possibilities, often asking her audiences to confront their own assumptions in response to liquid spaces, liminal areas, and internet interfaces that confront boundaries between the inner and outer worlds. She ran an eight-year blog-artwork called, which posted a monthly idea for art, and runs The Widget Art Gallery, a web-based app whose gallery room hosts monthly a solo digital art exhibitions.