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The 21st Annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival presents:

EL ULTIMO MALON (Alcides Greca, Argentina, 1917)
Silent Film/Live Music/Performance
Saturday, April 6

Ticketed event

El Ultimo Malon is one of seven surviving Argentine silent films. It dramatizes the last indigenous rebellion in Argentina by the Mocovi. The film is presented in a collaborative partnership with  the Museo del Cine in Buenos Aires, the film archive for Argentine cinema. This screening features a recent 4K restoration of the film, as well a post-screening discussion with the archivist from the Museo del Cine, the actress, the musicians, and the scriptwriter.

Performance by Cynthia Henderson, actress

Script by Jonathan Ablard and Patricia Zimmermann

Live music by Cloud Chamber Orchestra

Production design and lighting by Ann Michel and Phil Wilde

Museo del Cine archivist is Andres Levinson

Visual projection design by Julia Tulke

Sound design by Calf Audio

Cynthia Henderson is an associate professor with Ithaca College’s Department of Theatre Arts. A professional performer for a number of years in the United States, Europe, and Africa, her Ithaca credits include Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Hangar Theatre, and Lily in Crumbs from the Table of Joy and Callie in Stop Kiss, both at the Kitchen Theatre. Her New York City credits include A Wrinkle in Time at the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, and Dorothy Dandridge: An Evening of Song and RemembranceBrother’s Keeper, and It’s Only a Play off Broadway. Her European credits include leading roles in DreamgirlsInto the WoodsChildren of a Lesser God, and Little Shop of Horrors. She was acknowledged by the European Tournament of Plays with a best supporting actress in a musical award for her role in Little Shop of Horrors. African credits include Charlayne in Pretty Fireand a production of For Colored Girls, which she directed. Television credits include a starring role in UPN’s Ghost Stories, as well as numerous commercial and industrial credits. She is also the recipient of a Fulbright award.

Jonathan Ablard is a historian on the Ithaca College faculty who specializes on Mexico, Central America, Argentina, Chile, and the Caribbean through the conceptual lenses of public health, revolution and counterrevolution, and commodities. He is the author of Madness in Buenos Aires: Patients, Psychiatrists, and the Argentine State, 1880-1983. His current research concerns the history of military conscription in Argentina and how Argentines from across the political spectrum debated the merits and problems of having obligatory military service. 

Andres Levinson is the archivist at the Museo del Cine in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He did the 4K restoration on El Ultimo Malon, and consulted on the script for Ms. Henderson. He is also a film historian and author, specializing in Argentina cinemas.

Cloud Chamber Orchestra is an experimental post-minimalist group that creates improvisational soundscapes blending analog instruments and digital technologies.  They have performed with many silent films ranging from documentary, experimental, comedy, drama, and hybrid forms.

Ann Michel and Phil Wilde are coprincipals of Insights International, a production company specializing in scientific, environmental, and engineering film as well as theatrical projection and lighting design for silent films/live music.