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Seniors: Looking for a One-Credit Course after Spring Break?

The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF) still has room in three minicourses that start after spring break. You can now sign up for a minicourse on HomerConnect. The courses are open to all students.

  • Playing God: Interactivity in Video Games and Film [RLST17700-01 CRN 43649]
  • Business Stakeholders and Sustainability [MGMT 10303 – 01 CRN 43524]
  • Cultural Ecology [MUNM 25200 – 01 CRN 43614]

Playing God: Interactivity in Video Games and Film
RLST 17700-01 CRN 43649

This course will look at how we interact with video games and film. We'll ask questions about violence, ritual, how narratives work, and about how we learn through experience. We will explore who "plays God," the filmmakers, the viewer, the video game designer, or the player? Students will be invited to play brief samples of a few games and also to apply their new skills of analysis to films and to consider how they derive meaning, "religious" or not.
Rachel Wagner, Assistant Professor

Business Stakeholders and Sustainability
MGMT 10303 – 01 CRN 43524

Businesses have profound impact on the environment. How businesses approach the environment often mirrors how they treat stakeholders. In this course, we will discuss the relationship between environmental stewardship and respect for business stakeholders and investigate gender and labor issues tied to sustainable business practices. Students will be required to attend a number of films and events taking place during the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival.
Aimee Dars Ellis, Assistant Professor

Cultural Ecology
MUNM 25200 – 01 CRN 43614

Examine the philosophic, sociological and artistic issues surrounding the transmission and assimilation of cultures. Through the prisms of film, music and dance, we will question the relationship between cultural diversity, sustainability, assimilation, artistic integrity,
authenticity, and creativity.
Peter Rothbart, Professor

*FLEFF runs from March 30 through April 5, 2009. In addition to attending screenings and other FLEFF events, students will keep journals, write short papers, contribute to a festival blog, etc. The course work varies with the instructor. Register online for course times.

For additional information contact Warren Schlesinger (, FLEFF minicourse coordinator.

Originally published in Intercom: Seniors: Looking for a One-Credit Course after Spring Break?.