Luke Keller

Luke Keller

Dana Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Specialty:Astrophysics, airborne astronomy, spectroscopy, optical instrumentation, natural science general education
Phone:(607) 274-3966
Office:264 Ctr for Natural Sciences
Ithaca, NY 14850


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Preparing for astronomy with NASA's newest airborne observatory

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Image of the starship Enterprise from the Star Trek series.

...or at least where few from Ithaca have gone before. I traveled from Ithaca to LAX with Terry Herter and Joe Adams. We drove from Los Angels north to Palmdale--about an hour and a half--and checked into a hotel near DAOF. There we met with George Gull, Justin Schoenwald, and Chuck Henderson, all Cornell engineers working on FORCAST. Reasoning that we will be spending a lot of time here in Palmdale over the next few years, we began explorations of restaurants and entertainment with a quick dinner and a visit to the local movie theater to watch the new Star Trek movie. Yes, we're Trek fans. I'm probably an astronomer partly thanks to watching the original series reruns as a kid in the 1970;s. Great movie and a fun start to the week's work on SOFIA.


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