Supporting Local Students

Membership in the Friends of Ithaca College means more than attending concerts and events. It means attending to the needs of local students earning a degree at Ithaca College.

Since 1976, more than 350 Friends scholars have walked IC's campus. And because membership dues support the fund, the growth of the Friends means the growth of the scholarship. As of May 31, 2015, the scholarship's market value topped $1,054,000.

Add your support to this program by joining the Friends today. You can
do so online, by calling (607) 274-7774, or by sending an email to

Meet a Friends Scholar

Benji Parkes is just is one of many IC students who have benefited from the Friends of Ithaca College Scholarship.

Benji, a health education and physical education major, is from nearby Lansing, and he chose IC for two reasons: athletics and academics — interests he's easily combined here. 

On the athletics side, Benji's a baseball player, and his IC team has become a second family to him. "Playing on Freeman Field is a dream come true," he says.

It's the same story for academics. Benji has found tremendous support from faculty in his major. He says he's also learned how to be a great health teacher from the student-teaching he's done at South Hill Elementary School and DeWitt Middle School in Ithaca and from his volunteer work at R. C. Buckley Elementary School in Lansing. 

The funny thing is, wherever Benji goes, he runs into people who know IC. He finds IC alumni in the Ithaca and Lansing schools or talks to them at baseball games. He meets people who know his professors or have heard what a great school IC is. Those encounters just reinforce Benji's pride in attending IC — and his gratitude to the Friends of Ithaca College for making that possible.