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Long-term care staff are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic response, working hard to protect residents from the threat of infection. To help long-term care staff develop more effective self-care and coworker support, we’ve adapted a model that was designed to mitigate stress in military settings. 

file-outline Creating Materials for Urgent Needs - creating-_materials_to_meet_urgent_health_needs.pdf (2.93 MB)

Michelle Hutchinson slides for HL Series presentation #1 4/28/21

file-outline How to Wear Masks - how-to-wear-masks.pdf (253.47 KB)

Supplemental materials from HL presenter Michelle Hutchinson

file-outline CDC Clear Communication Index - cdc-clear-communication-index-score-sheet.pdf (680.35 KB)

Supplemental material from HL presenter Michelle Hutchinson

file-outline P. Watson Stress First Aid Overview - stress-first-aid-overview-ncptsd-2021.pdf (328.63 KB)

Overview document on what stress first aid is

file-outline P. Waston Slides - sfa-webinar-2021.pdf (2.75 MB)

Slides from the Patricia Watson talk that happened on 02/10/2020

file-outline P. Watson Handout for leaders - for-leaders-loss-ncptsd.pdf (272 KB)
file-outline Grief Self care Handout - grief-self-care-handout.pdf (351.9 KB)
file-outline Grief handout helping others - grief-handout-helping-others.pdf (374.13 KB)
file-outline Grief background handout - grief-background-handout.pdf (186.53 KB)
file-outline Essential SFA Poster - essential_stress-first-poster-11x17.pdf (283.09 KB)

11x17 "Essential" Stress First Aid Poster

file-outline Stress Continuum Poster - stress-continuum_sm-poster_8.5x11.pdf (742.95 KB)

8.5x11 Stress Continuum Poster

file-outline Super Nurse SFA Poster - supernurse_stress-first-aid-poster-11x17.pdf (12.96 MB)

11x17 Super Nurse SFA Poster

file-outline Winged Worker SFA Poster - wingedworker-poster_11x17_1.15.21.pdf (2.24 MB)

11x17 Winged Worker SFA Poster

file-outline Mindfulness lite handout - mindfulness-lite-handout_0.pdf (81.34 KB)

Handout for lecture on 2.24.21 

file-outline Laura Darlak Alumni Spotlight - laura-darlak-alumni-spotlight_0.pdf (126.05 KB)

March 2021 student newsletter

file-outline Instructions to get to SFA module on CollaborNation - sfa-training-module-instructions.pdf (399.54 KB)
file-outline Carla Cheatham Slides and Handouts - cheatham-1.25.21.pdf (1.61 MB)

Slides and handouts for the Stress Resilience series talk with Carla Cheatham. Should only be shared with those who are participating.  

file-outline Kimberly Paul Keynote Slide Deck - building-bridges-to-close-the-gaps-ithaca-college.pdf (28.25 MB)